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Public Enemy 2355

Madame Ovary

Possibly an avatar of Penis Unix, 
Madame Ovary is said to attend the initiates 
into the Pythagorean cult of the pornomorphs 
in the journey through the bardos during the 
seven week retreat initiates undergo of 
utter darkness in front of a monitor. 
During this time, the initiate practices 
simple visualisations 
based on the principle 
of the five Buddhas 
(Pythagoras being one of them) 
seen as different 
types of eyes. 
The central place of the peaceful Buddha 
is in the heart; 
you see the different types of eyes 
in your heart; 
the wrathful divinities are in the brain, 
so you see certain types of eyes 
gazing at each other in the brain, etc. 
The initiation is supposed to lead to 
comprehension of the wisdoms, 
comprehension of Ur,
the realm of the forms
where Pythagoras is said to reside.

In Pythagorean cosmology,
idealities exist in Ur.
Philosophically, the Pythagoreans
are extreme Platonists
(Plato was a Pythagorean).
Such concepts as
truth, beauty, justice, and love
are said to actually exist as living entities
that penetrate the spheres or bardos
between this world and Ur,
but only show themselves
conceptually in this world.

In extreme cases, initiates
are said to leave their bodies
and travel with Madame Ovary
through the intermediary bardos
separating this world and Ur.

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