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<Jack> Hi Surd. Nice truncation. 'surd', that is.
<Surd> Jim here, Jack.
<Surd> A surd is a whispered thing, a hardly heard thing,
<Surd> or an irrational quantity.
<Guest4> I'm reading thru Erik Davis's Techgnosis and just found this: "MUDS function as toy cosmologies." Nah
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<Guest1> i'll be who i am
<Surd> Tom Bell?
<Guest1> right
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<Surd> Hi Tom, Jim here.
<Surd> Hi runran. Who are you?
<runran> randy adams
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<Surd> Hi Dirk.
<Guest1> so far nice day?
<Dirk> hello, all
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<Surd> Really enjoyed your work Blue Moon, Dirk, in the drawer for long?
<Dirk> yes -- it keeps going in and out of the drawer alot :)
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<Surd> Great work man.
<Dirk> thanks
<Guest1> dirk, your work hit's me at home i need to reflect on it before i get back to you but i will - tom bell
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<Dirk> thanks tom
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<Surd> Welcome, Jack!
<Jack2> Hi -- i knocked myself off first time. So now I'm J2
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<Surd> Identity crises come and go here
<Guest2> now i'm tom i guess
<Jack2> Hi guests, all
<Jack2> What happened to the stuff I typed before?
<Guest2> no, i'm 28129?
<Jack2> No man is taller than himself
<Surd> Jack, I know you're doing fine work at theeastvillage.com
<Jack2> Bless your heart
<Surd> so I want to talk about that with you today
<Jack2> Right
<Surd> but also you have some new
<Surd> graphical work that we want to launch here today.
<Jack2> yes, overnight I did some book covers
<Jack2> if i can type straight I'll give you the url
<Surd> K
<Jack2> www.fauxpress.com/covers
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<Jack2> smylie, howdy
<Jack2> and don't mean to ignore dirk and runran -- nice nicks
<Jack2> did you say you had a question about something to do with
<Jack2> village or recent work, surd?
<Guest2> what drawing software are you using, jack?
<Jack2> No drawing, just some photoshop manipulations
<Surd> Introduce yourselves when you jump in, all.
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<Surd> I've surfed to the book covers, Jack. What are these for?
<Jack2> They are my evidence of interconnectedness
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<Jack2> Nobody knows about these yet, I wonder if any of the poets will approve?/
<Surd> Are these for books in the works or something else?
<Jack2> No -- they are purely imaginary
<PbN> greets to all -- hello Jack
<Jack2> By the way, to get back to drawing, I can't draw
<Guest5> i keep moving up i guess - 53831 tom
<Jack2> That's why the web comes in handy
<Surd> I can draw cats but I have to label them.
<Guest5> neither can i jack
<Jack2> It's filled with stuff that's so bad, you download and mutate it, as miekal might say
<Surd> Nice concept, imaginary book covers.
<Jack2> it -- is the web
<Guest5> i don't think drawing ability is an issue
<Jack2> It would be if I had any
<Surd> Ted, the covers are at www.fauxpress.com/covers
<PbN> ok
<Surd> Yes, it would be if you had any, well put.
<Jack2> How about the dichotomy -- that's the word -- between my 'stuff' and the straight text of Village?
<Jack2> I'm being extremely conservative with Village, I think
<Surd> Would these covers have to be for books with some involvement in the Web?
<Jack2> I'm planning on e books for fauxpress -- a print press I'll start up when I get back to Cambridge
<Surd> What are they?
<Jack2> that is, print and e and their possible divisions as well as interconnectedness -- that word again
<smylie> what type of press?
<Jack2> a small press, the usual
<Jack2> except it will be _stylish_
<smylie> letterset?
<PbN> Jack, the covers are lovely -- like the nitric and others: www.fauxpress.com/nitric/base.htm
<Jack2> I'm thinking of just-in-time printing
<Surd> gotcha
<Surd> PDF?
<Jack2> Nitric of course was the basis for the covers
<Jack2> pdf -- yes, I'm sure that will be in there
<Guest5> just-in-time?
<Surd> Are those a fixed 8.5x11?
<smylie> nitric acid for etching and litho press work
<Surd> Just in time is printing on demand.
<Jack2> you know, if you need 25 books instead of 5000, you get your 25
<Jack2> 8.5x11 -- what are you referring to?
<Surd> There are a few companies doing this on the Web now.
<Surd> Paper size.
<Jack2> Yes, and if you can give leads at another time, I'd appreciate it
<Jack2> paper size for books?
<Surd> yes
<Jack2> Have hopes to vary size, depending on texts, graphics, authors' whims
<Surd> Would be happy to look into this with you.
<smylie> 17 x 11 folds over nice
<Jack2> great
<Guest5> surd, can you post info to the list sometime? i might start something (tom)
<Surd> Don't know how stylish the current operations allow you to be, but it holds promise, clearly.
<Surd> OK, Tom, well worth looking into.
<smylie> 8.5 x 11 is familiar 1/2 17 x 11
<Jack2> yes, the tension i'll face when i get back to the states is convenience/cost of on-demand v. good design
<Surd> Would these covers have to be for books with some involvement in the Web?
<smylie> standards are price savers
<Jack2> we need price saving glamor
<PbN> Books, Jack -- your works? or more like the multi-author village?
<Jack2> No, surd, the books, the covers, are imaginary
<Jack2> the books for fauxpress, they will be 'real'
<Jack2> Nice confusion -- anticipated in the name of the press -- faux
<Surd> Would these be suitable in style for those?
<Jack2> these?
<Surd> The covers you've just shown us.
<Jack2> Gee -- I don't know if I'd accept my own work!
<Surd> haha
<Jack2> But I do like some of them a lot
<Surd> Yes, so do I.
<PbN> anthologies then... great
<Jack2> I tried to match impressions of the poets with the graphics, match
<Jack2> anthologies -- that's the east village
<PbN> I'd like to see some of your nitric... as prints

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