12:44 - 13:08
[12:44] <steve_d> border lunar border lockout
[12:44] <PbN> s # c -set<- > [00031]
[12:44] <etree> seventy years are little room
[12:44] <PbN> .EXAMPLE:/ c s set# ident c -opguardu - [00030]
[12:44] <mez> after seventy
[12:44] <mez> years of study and conjecture, it is hard to pin down exactly which is which. The large form at the top left is the pendu femelle, a decidedly unglamorous term
[12:44] <mez> meaning "hanging female object"; close examination shows that it does indeed hang from a painted hook at the top of the Glass.
[12:44] <steve_d> lockout landscape landscape
[12:44] ***randy has joined #defib
[12:45] <PbN> .y uop .EXAMPLE:/ c [00029]
[12:45] <mez> Underneath that is a motor with quite
[12:45] <mez> feeble cylinders and its reservoir of love gasoline, a sort of timid-power, or automobiline, which, as you will recall, is secreted from the bride's sexual glands. Just to
[12:45] <mez> the right of these forms lies the wasp, or sex cylinder, a flask-shaped object that narrows at the top and is capped by a pair of snail-like antennae.
[12:45] <steve_d> mailbox u do mailbox u mal
[12:45] <PbN> , .wipe- a s akick# add*! @*. . / c s akick# [00028]
[12:45] <mez> Under that is the
[12:45] <mez> diagonal, sticklike shape of the desire-magneto--at least, I think it is the desire-magneto; others have located this vital organ elsewhere in the assembly. Just how all
[12:45] <mez> these elements combine to produce the two-stroke internal combustion cycle is not really clear to me nor, I believe, to anyone else, and I do not think that Duchamp
[12:45] <mez> meant it to be. The whole process, as he wrote, is unanalyzable by logic, and it would not hurt us at this point to suspend our disbelief by a few more notc
[12:45] <steve_d> manifolded malamute
[12:45] <mez> [that last word shood B notches:)]
[12:45] <PbN> c -opusage-op<><>w ( ) [00027]
[12:46] <mez> read the rest here
[12:46] <PbN> .w ' ao so .t a o .EXAMPLE:/ [00026]
[12:46] <steve_d> unforgettable malamute
[12:46] <bethg> suspension of disbelief dissolves time.
[12:46] <PbN> >y .t mlock + .y .l a o [00025]
[12:46] ***billseye has joined #defib
[12:46] <steve_d> unforgettable mario
[12:46] <mez> heya bill!
[12:46] <PbN> >]<>t n se-ghost<><>i , , i [00024]
[12:46] <bethg> its bill marsh!
[12:47] <bethg> hi bill!
[12:47] <PbN> irc .y ' / . .y ' w i d , j . [00023]
[12:47] <billseye> hi all -- sorry late -- has ted caused any trouble yet?
[12:47] <steve_d> meandering meandering
[12:47] <PbN> .i , d w . . / . . (pc)1.o 2.g irc|n ircs [00022]
[12:47] <mez> eheh he's doing it right as we text:)
[12:47] <billseye> i see!
[12:47] <steve_d> megatons hairsplitter
[12:47] <Surd> "He also insisted that it was not a picture. In one of the working notes that he collected and published in The Green Box, Duchamp refers to it as a "delay." Use "delay" instead of picture or painting ... It's merely a way of succeeding in no longer thinking that the thing in question is a picture--to make a delay of it in the most general way possible, not so much in the different meanings in which delay can be taken, but rather in their indecisive reunion. "
[12:47] <bethg> ted is in the machine.
[12:47] <PbN> uo .clean- clean wipe.s add delao [00021]
[12:48] <steve_d> myriad hairsplitter
[12:48] <PbN> , .EXAMPLE :/ n s access [00020]
[12:48] <mez> ooh, so delay is imp?
[12:48] <bethg> steve is a poem today.
[12:48] <steve_d> flash mishap flash world
[12:48] <PbN> , irc .t( ).t w d j [00019]
[12:48] <bethg> mez is clueing us in.
[12:48] <Surd> irc delay chat yes no
[12:48] <PbN> . . / / . .c s h c -helpusage [00018]
[12:48] <steve_d> modus world moonshot
[12:48] ***rock99 has joined #defib
[12:48] <mez> mebbe the delay of spacez, the chat b-tween the linez, the stuff N stick of the irc mechanizm itzelf [ ie wurds/communication/textingz?]
[12:48] <bethg> everdeen(etree) and randy are writers from trace.
[12:49] <PbN> uo .p :t 250 .EXAMPLE :/ c s uop# addt / c s uop# [00017]
[12:49] <steve_d> poor moonshot poor moon
[12:49] <PbN> s o .del- ' s o , please ! c s acc .t [00016]
[12:49] <mez> lo randy & etree trAce writers:)
[12:49] <billseye> access please
[12:49] <bethg> rock 99 i dont believe i know...?
[12:49] <Surd> There is a delay for me between really understanding these texts and doing the texts themselves live...
[12:49] <PbN> , ' , , 250 sop .add-s , ' , o [00015]
[12:49] <steve_d> deadline motor deadline
[12:50] <bethg> from new york!
[12:50] <PbN> y .a , - !e :/ c s # a c / c [00014]
[12:50] <billseye> custom style
[12:50] <steve_d> misfit power misfit
[12:50] <mez> jim>>sure, alzo the whirr ov participation N flight as compared 2 absorption
[12:50] <PbN> </ >t c .EXAMPLE:/ c s set# rest [00013]
[12:50] <etree> mezlo :)
[12:50] ***rock99 has left #defib
[12:50] <steve_d> power_christ junk_christ
[12:50] <bethg> de-nile was here awhileago..
[12:50] <PbN> c s identify .EXAMPLE:/ c s d # [00012]
[12:50] <mez> [gawd my typohz r bad today!!ape.ologeez all]
[12:50] <billseye> party like it's rock99
[12:51] <Surd> Sometimes I read a line and don't know what it's in response to...
[12:51] <steve_d> junk mumbling bit mask
[12:51] <PbN> .yill access-c ide .EXAMPLE :/ n s registerm [00011]
[12:51] <bethg> my typos are always bad. ;o)
[12:51] <mez> Moving to the lower half of the Glass, the domain of the bachelors, we come into a very different world. The forms here are precisely drawn and not a bit abstract,
[12:51] <mez> and their functions are spelled out in terms that often sound pitying or contemptuous. While the principal forms of the bride, according to Duchamp, are more or less
[12:51] <mez> large or small, the forms of the bachelor machine are mensurable, and their relative positions on the glass have been plotted according to old-fashioned
[12:51] <mez> vanishing-point perspectiv
[12:51] <Surd> Today that association of lines is cut up...
[12:51] <etree> if they were good, would they be typos?
[12:51] <billseye> :/
[12:51] <steve_d> mumbling bit mask myths
[12:51] <PbN> t , .y .t .y c s>t .i , ident ' .t [00010]
[12:51] <PbN> ,|o , a 3.f d , d 4.f ircs , [00009]
[12:51] <steve_d> myths name in melamine
[12:51] *mez thinks we purr.hapz, r rel.e.gated to the role of the chat bachelors?
[12:52] <PbN> , , , uop .add- u o [00008]
[12:52] <billseye> this is like a Cage performance -- i think -- never seen/heard one
[12:52] <steve_d> sunbeam melamine sunbeam
[12:52] <Surd> Howso? What is that role?
[12:52] ***galpal has joined #defib
[12:52] <etree> purr.hapz...le chat bachelor?
[12:52] <PbN> usage-helpset<- >a ><>t i .i [00007]
[12:52] <steve_d> undecked undecked myopia
[12:52] <PbN> ,n s , ' ' .h . .k m s c s [00006]
[12:52] <mez> etree>>ah, well mebbe not typohz, more typeez?
[12:53] <PbN> , n s ' 2 .t list.t .t [00005]
[12:53] <billseye> type tease
[12:53] <steve_d> myopia aftermath ocean
[12:53] <etree> typeezily breezily freezily
[12:53] <galpal> hi ppl
[12:53] <bethg> hehehe..type tease.
[12:53] <Surd> What Mez does with the word Ted is doing with the chat?
[12:53] <steve_d> avouch hazchem sri avouch
[12:53] <PbN> dd*! @*. . / c s vop# del2/ c s [00004]
[12:53] <etree> <vereeee fond of eeeeeee
[12:53] ***galpal has left #defib
[12:53] <PbN> ao .clean- .a ,ipe- so .clean- so [00003]
[12:53] <etree> a tease touch typiest
[12:54] <steve_d> hazchem sri oh browser
[12:54] <billseye> mez is literal -- ted metaphorical
[12:54] <PbN> PbN [00001]
[12:54] <bethg> thats very good...t t t..
[12:54] <mez> surd/jim>>i like the comparison, thou i think this is more n-cloosive than my approach, though that cood b veri subjectiff;)
[12:54] <etree> mez is litoral shorlee?
[12:54] <Surd> I mean the way Mez mauls e so well
[12:54] <steve_d> world oh biggest world
[12:54] <PbN> (V) e <++ /\ |V ! </\ |_ |3 |7. ! |> e
[12:54] <mez> thx:)
[12:54] <steve_d> ear an onrush ear another
[12:55] <bethg> or very objective?
[12:56] <mez> 1 of the last emailed performance piecez i pozted [ the LOGGIN IN2 NET.WURK] was N ah.[grand]malgum of the irc log of my trAce chat/workshop...
[12:56] <bethg> is the machine objective?
[12:56] <steve_d> another dazed candy world
[12:56] <PbN> Hi all -- and thank you so much for being at the wedding!
[12:56] ***reiner has joined #defib
[12:56] <mez> bethg>>far phaaaar from it:)
[12:56] <mez> reiner!! helloha!
[12:56] <bethg> re!
[12:56] <Surd> Hey Ted!
[12:56] <bethg> hi ted!
[12:56] <reiner> hi -
[12:56] <steve_d> portable parent portable
[12:56] <PbN> Jim, hello Re:
[12:56] <bethg> mez..:o)
[12:56] <PbN> And thank you, Steve, for all the cool feedback
[12:57] <steve_d> pinball planets world
[12:57] <etree> it was a lovely ceremony
[12:57] *mez wonduhz if the mechanical bride has now wound [N scar] down??
[12:57] <PbN> Thanks for waking early, Mez!
[12:57] *etree dapping eyes with hankie
[12:57] <bethg> steve is a wonderous loop, is he not?
[12:57] <mez> no prob ted:)
[12:57] <steve_d> at phooey iwo potpie home
[12:58] <Surd> Thank you, Ted.
[12:58] <PbN> Comments, questions, accusations...
[12:58] *bethg waiting for the bride to throw the bouquet..
[12:58] <steve_d> potpie home at pink fin pink
[12:58] ***randy has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[12:58] <Surd> The wedding of chat and destruction.
[12:58] <mez> i liked the x-clusion/n-clusion ass.pect, nicely woven ted...
[12:58] <Surd> Re-examination
[12:58] <steve_d> return insert missort repack
[12:58] <bethg> or deconstruction?
[12:59] <mez> alzo the anticipation value....
[12:59] <steve_d> missort rick rack rick
[12:59] <PbN> ( thanks beth, bill... and Surd2, too
[12:59] <mez> re/deconstructkion....
[12:59] <Surd> Yes, deconstruction...
[12:59] <steve_d> nearness resale at your house
[12:59] <bethg> restructure
[12:59] *PbN throws bouquet and a box of rice
[12:59] <Surd> ehehe
[13:00] *bethg hit by the box of rice..ouch.
[13:00] <PbN> oops
[13:00] *etree hands beth an ice cube
[13:00] <steve_d> rose shell central gizmo
[13:00] <bethg> its ok..i'll be fine after the swelling goes down.
[13:00] <mez> the trace chat with jen lee is about 2 start...haveta get over there...thanx ted for the performance, well done!
[13:00] <mez> bi bi all:)
[13:00] <etree> bimez
[13:00] <bethg> bi mez!
[13:00] <PbN> Hey, folks... it was fun... hope you enjoyed!
[13:00] <bethg> see you there.
[13:01] ***mez has left #defib
[13:01] <reiner> bibimez
[13:01] <PbN> Thank you MEZ!
[13:01] <bethg> yep yep ted!
[13:01] <bethg> thanks!
[13:01] <etree> thanks :))
[13:01] <bethg> re you missed the wedding
[13:01] <Surd> the bouquet is caught in the machine and sprays out glittering fairy dust which sprinkles all
[13:01] <steve_d> dome green at scene online no
[13:01] <bethg> and it was so lovely.
[13:01] *bethg sniffs.
[13:01] <reiner> yes - seems to .... sorry to be --- toooo late
[13:01] <PbN> No prob, Re -- wedding photos up soon
[13:01] <steve_d> being sea being set set strata
[13:01] *etree hands bethg a hankie
[13:02] *bethg thanks everdeen
[13:02] <steve_d> santa il santa il sue sal sue
[13:02] *bethg always cries at weddings
[13:02] *Surd One confused minister
[13:02] *bethg thanks the minister for a lovely service.
[13:02] <steve_d> super is super is starlight
[13:03] <PbN> Ok -- work to do -- thank you ALL again so very much!
[13:03] ***PbN has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited.)
[13:07] ***steve_d has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer.)
[13:08] ***Surd has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited.)
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