12:21 - 12:44
[12:21] <Surd> Does what matter, Tom?
[12:21] <steve_d> dollar tv dynamo
[12:21] <tomb> what i say
[12:21] <PbN> .7.f n a ( drop-d a [00099]
[12:21] <Surd> Matter to whom?
[12:21] <steve_d> signal aglitter signal
[12:22] <bethg> why of course it matters, tom.
[12:22] <PbN> , .EXAMPLE:/ [00098]
[12:22] <tomb> the ecode
[12:22] <bethg> gee, otherwise we are all just talking to ourselves.
[12:22] *mez thinks all wurds r preciouz, all wurd create the structure, the inter-weavin process
[12:22] <steve_d> either stone a crater
[12:22] <PbN> .del- ' v o .list- [00097]
[12:22] <PbN> v o , .wipe- [00096]
[12:23] *bethg looks in wonder at mezs' wurdskin.
[12:23] <PbN> add*! @*. . / c s uop# del2/ c [00095]
[12:23] <steve_d> eager eat panic eat
[12:23] *mez is n-tizzypatin 1 pozzible endpointte, the reachin of the zerohed state, the [00000]
[12:23] <PbN> pe-aop<>cleanm a o .o sop [00094]
[12:23] <Surd> Well there is the frame, Tom, which has its say before ours or frames our say, and we should know what the frame says we say, but then there is what we say...
[12:23] <etree> mez-tizzy
[12:23] <steve_d> earth snowhole foe snowhole
[12:23] <bethg> 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
[12:23] <PbN> o uo ,vo ,ao .p :t [00093]
[12:23] *mez follows Beth's gaze, and forms the word smile b-neath her shimmerskin, lettahs breaking N reformin...
[12:24] <tomb> right
[12:24] <PbN> ><><>w c .m .t [00092]
[12:24] <etree> beth impatient runs ahread
[12:24] <steve_d> gecko gecko neo neo
[12:24] <PbN> ident-f opguard-o a /s [00091]
[12:24] *bethg always wants to see whats over the hill
[12:24] <steve_d> glyph glyph gauge bouy
[12:24] <PbN> .EXAMPLE:/ c s [00090]
[12:25] <PbN> ao /so ' .a [00089]
[12:25] <etree> beth needs bear to travel wit
[12:25] <Surd> Rub a dub dub, eight webarterites in a tub
[12:25] <mez> _< > < > wurd collective .makez .transcriptingz [00092]
[12:25] <steve_d> gauge bouy go colder go
[12:25] <PbN> t# opguard c -topiclocku -set< >topiclock [00088]
[12:25] *bethg offers more coffee?
[12:25] <PbN> .au -set<>url<>u url.t url [00087]
[12:25] <steve_d> caracas com beta telex glib
[12:25] <Surd> Just got some myself luv, thanks.
[12:26] <PbN> c s .u >list-akick<>wipem a k .i [00086]
[12:26] <PbN> ,add del akick so , [00085]
[12:26] <mez> _Thyme# opinionsguard collapsing -topiclocks N tick -set the timez<topic m b [00088]
[12:26] <steve_d> glib goodies independence
[12:26] <PbN> k .EXAMPLE:/ c s akick# addj u !*@*/ c [00084]
[12:26] *bethg asks steve..naw..he obviously has had too much.
[12:26] *mez is ztill sigh.phon.ing her tea, but thanx beth:)
[12:27] <PbN> :register-r set-c , k [00083]
[12:27] <steve_d> goodies independence grammar
[12:27] <PbN> ghost-t drop-d .t - .y [00082]
[12:27] *bethg loves good tea, peers in mez's cup
[12:27] <etree> grammar in her rockin chair
[12:27] <steve_d> grammar gregorian world at
[12:27] <PbN> accessadd<@ >-accessdel<@ >-accesswipe [00081]
[12:27] <mez> _:repetition-remote set-seepage , a-oh-k [00083]
[12:28] <tomb> i have to go and take my daughter to work
[12:28] <PbN> .i , .y ,infousage-info<>i , [00080]
[12:28] <Surd> Defib frame: people thinking out loud together about net.art, the together part...?
[12:28] <steve_d> gregorian gallivant at
[12:28] <Surd> Thanks for being here, Tom.
[12:28] <PbN> accusage-acc<>a [00079]
[12:28] <bethg> everdeen, type "/me..then dialogue" with out the ""s
[12:28] <tomb> bye all
[12:28] ***tomb has left #defib
[12:28] <bethg> bye tom!
[12:28] <PbN> >p :n ua d f e i g d p n /h [00078]
[12:28] <steve_d> gallivant heaven heaven
[12:29] <PbN> -help<- >t c s [00077]
[12:29] <mez> r u commenting about the x-clusion facktor of the bride jim?
[12:29] <PbN> , .EXAMPLE :/ c s aop# add / c s ao [00076]
[12:29] <Surd> I don't understand, Mez.
[12:29] <steve_d> hidden hidden hooray hooray
[12:29] <PbN> c s .trc(pc) (pc)i (m )i u , ii [00075]
[12:30] <bethg> mez, could you tell us some about this?
[12:30] <PbN> itemdeopmkickunbancountwhyEXAMPLE:/ c s h / c s [00074]
[12:30] <mez> when u refer 2 the together part of the talking about net.art, thort u mighta been qzioning the dialogue/multilogue aspect....
[12:30] <steve_d> itch together jargonize
[12:30] <PbN> p# add*! @*. . / c s aop# del2/ [00073]
[12:30] <mez> beth>>sorry, about wot?
[12:30] <steve_d> aloha a summer aloha a jfk
[12:30] <PbN> set<>opguard[on|off]i , [00072]
[12:30] <Surd> Well, reading this text, I read 'together' and 'alone' both
[12:30] <bethg> du champs work.
[12:31] <PbN> .EXAMPLE:/ c s # [00071]
[12:31] <steve_d> alaska central zoomed
[12:31] <PbN> p .EXAMPLE:/ c s why# [00070]
[12:31] <Surd> What is the dialogue/multilogue aspect of Duchamp's work?
[12:31] <steve_d> zoomed megadeath jelled yin
[12:31] <PbN> .w , .EXAMPLE:/ n s [00069]
[12:31] <bethg> e if you type "/me and then a dialogue" it comes thru as a narrative line.
[12:32] *etree and then a dialogue
[12:32] <PbN> ' !y , e , .c v w v ircc v [00068]
[12:32] *etree laughs
[12:32] <mez> shore, me 2, but alzo a third and n-finite option i guezz, in that it transcendz the reader/interactor x-perience, we r left to make our own choicez as how to respond...without the comfort of the buffered chat conventions or the comfortability of s-tablished cuez...
[12:32] <steve_d> or jelled yin or indirect v
[12:32] *randy randy scratches his head
[12:32] <randy> oops
[12:32] <PbN> .i , .t sop-s register-s [00067]
[12:32] *bethg tickles etree, grins.
[12:32] <steve_d> jolting eros jolting eros joy
[12:32] <PbN> aop# cleanc -sopusage-sop<>add<>- [00066]
[12:32] *etree squirms and squiggles
[12:33] <PbN> .b drop must ao .add- ' a k .de [00065]
[12:33] *bethg says randy has a lovely echo:o)
[12:33] <steve_d> fm joy fm joyce ergo apple
[12:33] *etree palms one of bethie's cookies
[12:33] <mez> hmm...dia/multilogue of duchampz wurk? not really sure myself, but i'd speculate the x-tended purrceptual nuanez, presenting N audience with ending meaning pozzabilitiez, n-terps?
[12:33] <PbN> >]l .ta , , @ ( ).i / # ' !i , [00064]
[12:33] <steve_d> juleps aerie juleps aerie
[12:33] *bethg offers mez more cookies with her tea.
[12:33] <PbN> s uop# list/ c s uop# wipe/ c s uop# [00063]
[12:34] <PbN> .list- s o , .w [00062]
[12:34] <steve_d> gaga gaga alone alone
[12:34] *mez chompz em down, in b-tween her textwurd flows n spillz
[12:34] <mez> thx beth:)
[12:34] <PbN> akick ,l- ' a k .list- a k [00061]
[12:34] <steve_d> cadillacs territory cadillacs
[12:34] <bethg> welcome, mez:o)
[12:34] <Surd> Yes, Defib stripped bare of the usual chat
[12:34] <PbN> s o , -whyusage-why<><>t [00060]
[12:34] <etree> mezo-oic?
[12:34] <PbN> i w c s .c c .y .EXAMPLE:/ n s i n bc - [00059]
[12:34] <mez> ehehh sure:)
[12:34] <steve_d> territory milk marshes milk
[12:35] <mez> etree>>ohh eye see:)
[12:35] *bethg offers cookies to steve to go with his milk.
[12:35] <PbN> >m a l (1)i n s acc<>i [00058]
[12:35] <steve_d> marshes earthen earthen
[12:35] <Surd> Duchamp frame environment location
[12:35] <PbN> .j c .ac -voiceusage-voice<><>y vo [00057]
[12:35] <Surd> writing reading now later
[12:35] <steve_d> freezer freezer gherkin
[12:36] *bethg just got mezo-oic:o)
[12:36] <PbN> >e ,<>t n s .yym p p n :y i n s [00056]
[12:36] <etree> beth>> why do you want steve to take his milk and go????
[12:36] *mez watches n ab.sorbs the coundownesque, commandz crackelle N buffering
[12:36] <PbN> , n s .i ' .t w - . .t / [00055]
[12:36] <Surd> performance participation meta perspective
[12:36] <steve_d> synapse kimono kits hokey
[12:36] *bethg doesnt want steve to go...
[12:36] <PbN> >del<>-uop<>list-uop<>wipe [00054]
[12:36] <steve_d> kits hokey kitty kitty
[12:37] <PbN> list , u o .t s .tf]i , ao /so /vo ' [00053]
[12:37] <PbN> -set<>restrict[on|off]u ao /so /vo ' [00052]
[12:37] <steve_d> kabob spot kabob spot
[12:37] <Surd> making thinking threads together alone
[12:37] <PbN> r .e krict c -founderu -set<>founder<>u [00051]
[12:38] <PbN> w p c -dropusage-drop># >t [00050]
[12:38] <bethg> cats cradles.
[12:38] *etree waving bubble-gum cigar....i never meta prospective i didn't like
[12:38] <steve_d> pacific kola junk kola
[12:38] <PbN> ( + ).u -unbanusage-unban<>[me|all]w [00049]
[12:38] ***Surd2 has joined #defib
[12:38] <PbN> , , , , vo .p :t 250 [00048]
[12:38] <steve_d> cry spot cry scarlet
[12:39] <mez> jim wot happened?
[12:39] <PbN> p# del3/ c s sop# list/ c s sop# wip [00047]
[12:39] *etree holds out string to beth
[12:39] <PbN> - .a - :mlock-l topiclock-p keeptopic- [00046]
[12:39] <Surd2> doubling up
[12:39] <steve_d> a visceral jade jade
[12:39] <PbN> .EXAMPLE:/ c s set# .EXAMPLE:/ c s set# [00045]
[12:39] *mez is currently viewing a reproduc[t tape]tion ov the painting in qz...
[12:39] ***nihil__ has joined #defib
[12:39] <mez> 'lo nihil
[12:39] <steve_d> la la lazarus oprah
[12:40] <PbN> uop .EXAMPLE:/ c s a # [00044]
[12:40] <nihil__> hi
[12:40] <PbN> >-akick<>del<>-akick<[00043]
[12:40] *bethg takes the string and plays with it.
[12:40] <etree> medium nihil :)
[12:40] <mez> surd>>ok, thort u musta got dropped
[12:40] <steve_d> lazarus oprah junk look
[12:40] <PbN> c s acc .t w p .i ' , [00042]
[12:40] <Surd> Still in the dinghy, luv
[12:41] <PbN> c 3.u ircn , d 4.u s , .3.t / . - . 4.o , / # [00041]
[12:41] <nihil__> not medium...
[12:41] <steve_d> get or look or lace lo lace
[12:41] <Surd> What do you see in the painting, Mez?
[12:41] <PbN> set-a identify-h >wipe-vop<>cleanm v o [00040]
[12:41] <steve_d> lo midwest midwest lumber
[12:41] <PbN> .t vo /- u o , .wipe- [00039]
[12:41] ***nihil__ has left #defib
[12:41] *bethg thinks about teh Nile.
[12:42] <mez> from a duchamp site
[12:42] <mez> ::
[12:42] <mez> Its full title is La Mariee mise a nu par ses celibataires, meme, or The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even. Note the "Even." This sly adverb, thrown in to
[12:42] <PbN> >del<>-aop<>list-aop<>wi [00038]
[12:42] <mez> discourage literal readings, has also been subjected to endless analysis. One explanation is that it should be read as a pun on "m'aime," meaning "loves me"--that is to
[12:42] <mez> say, the bride being stripped by these anonymous bachelors really loves Marcel Duchamp. The tribe can't resist looking for clues to the man in such discoveries, but
[12:42] <mez> Duchamp alw
[12:42] <steve_d> leaves is leaves is lcd
[12:42] <PbN> .c s .t c s .i c -accusage-acc<# ><>t [00037]
[12:42] <mez> Duchamp always maintained that his odd little adverb had no meaning whatsoever, that it was just "fun and poetry in my own way," that "the word meme came to me
[12:42] <mez> without even looking for it." It was simply a humorous aside, something like the "already" in "enough, already."
[12:42] <PbN> .m (+ ) .EXAMPLE:/ c s [00036]
[12:42] <steve_d> lcd like crosschecked like
[12:43] <PbN> t.EXAMPLE:/ c s m # c -mkickusage-mkick<[00035]
[12:43] <PbN> *!*@*( ), + ( ).t url c irc , : i .o , [00034]
[12:43] ***randy has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited.)
[12:43] <mez> The mechanico-erotic language of the notes on the bride has no visual counterpart in The Large Glass itself. In fact, the upper glass panel that is the bride's domain
[12:43] <mez> shows nothing that even remotely suggests female anatomy, clothed or unclothed. What we see instead is a group of abstract, vaguely insectile shapes on the
[12:43] <mez> left-hand side, connected to a large cloudlike form that stretches all the way across the top. Each element on the left has a name, although even today, after seventy
[12:43] <mez> years of study and
[12:43] <steve_d> limewater vines vines lunar
[12:43] <PbN> , <>2.y .a :info-g uop-u , [00033]
[12:43] <mez> [shood i stop now?]
[12:44] <bethg> no..
[12:44] <Surd> Then there's Ted's taking the 'm' apart into an 'r' and an 'n' to make Modern Bride.
[12:44] <etree> no no go on on
[12:44] <PbN> uo / ' , uo list.p :t 250 [00032]

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