<Jack2> I speak baby talk in Japanese. I read very very slowly. I'm aphasic, essentially
<Dirk> any influence from calligraphy or japanese poetry?
<Jack2> Yes, all of this influence was implanted years before I moved here
<PbN> Covers/nitric -- these are structures... beautiful... * PbN is green
<Jack2> I've been proto american ever since I landed in Kyushu
<Jack2> american in language and outlook, not politics
<Surd> Nitric: www.fauxpress.com/nitric/base.htm
<Jack2> anyone check out Excruciating Redness?
<Jack2> It's at www.fauxpress.com/ex
<Dirk> yes -- my favorite!
<Surd> To me, the nitric pieces exist somewhere between print and the Web?
<Jack2> I'm really really liking simple stuff you can do
<Jack2> dirk, your favorite! yuh, and why?
<Jack2> between print and web, man and woman, dog and god
<Guest5> nice red, jack tools?
<Dirk> i guess since working with the web i've come to expect movement in pieces
<Jack2> nice red == tools, imagemaker bundled in photoshop 5.5
<PbN> much of language, I think, is structure -- so changing/warping structure changes language -- maybe?
<Jack2> tv has made us all queer for movement
<Jack2> language is structure -- where?
<PbN> then there's the words of language -- changing these changes the meaning
<PbN> but changing words happens within -- structure, without?
<smylie> meaning?
<Dirk> re: tv -- true -- is that bad though?
<Jack2> most of my text is about itself, of course
<Jack2> no, i like being queer about _something_ for chrissake
<PbN> your language structures are cool, Jack, like PbN's interest here
<Dirk> :-)
<PbN> you teach language, yes?
<PbN> you bend it nicely in the covers/nitric
<PbN> I admire you sense of color
<Jack2> language is key for a poet, eh? and yes, i've been teaching writing and language for a while
<Guest5> red words are read words or
<Jack2> I red your words with delight
<Jack2> what is color
<Jack2> that's the sort of question you come up with when you teach language
<Guest5> life calls i have to go
<Jack2> have a good one
<PbN> bye, Tom -- email to follow...
<Guest5> bye all
<Surd> Does it call 'i have to go'?
<Surd> Thanks, Tom?
*** Guest5 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
<Jack2> nothing sadder than that quit sign
<Jack2> it's in _green_ font!
<PbN> he left excited...
<Jack2> greenly
<Surd> I thought it said excited too
<Jack2> this user is always excited
<Surd> Yes, I get that from your roamings, Jack. * PbN wonders... who is runran?
<runran> hi ted, its randy
<Jack2> and where is police?
<PbN> Randy -- Mr Magneto -- I will remember now
<Surd> Just the Fire Personnel (and friends)
<Jack2> are comic books still important?
<Surd> Do you read them?
<Jack2> I used to read them for their falsities
<PbN> falsies? Salsa?
<Surd> I read them for their narrative and sequence, material material.
<Jack2> also their telepathetic communcations
<smylie> there many types of "comic book" do you read "visual novels"?
<Surd> Read lots of them as a kid.
<Jack2> the ones here in Japan are called manga, quite popular worldwide
<Surd> That was mostly what I read.
<Jack2> everyone reads them, substitutes for conversation, and i'm not joking
<Surd> Howso?
<smylie> what about that old old series called "the classics"?
<Jack2> you go to lunch with some pals. pals and you pull out the latest mangas and start chewing. 30 minutes later, back to the cubical
<runran> i was going to mention the classics too
<runran> learned a lot from them
<Dirk> classics illustrated?
<runran> yes
<Jack2> I learned to read fast from the classics
<Jack2> why can
<smylie> i liked them
<Jack2> why can't, I want to say, real books be as good as the comics?
<runran> barry, i was reminded of them when i viewed your homer
<Surd> good in what sense?
<smylie> yeah that was the concept
<Jack2> camaraderie, sex, gossip, you know
<Surd> as a subject of discussion, you mean, like the Japanese comics?
<Jack2> no the Japanese comics are about a post-extropian space with no objects
<PbN> here we have standup comics, but the classics like John Candy are all gone now
<Jack2> How about Gore?
<Surd> well the edge provides us with this conflict, this void...
<PbN> No, best we can offer is Bullard
<Jack2> is that a neoplatonic edge you're selling?
<smylie> neil gaiman and dave mckeen wrote a visual novel about a man dying of cancer -
<Jack2> it takes place where?
<smylie> signal to noise
<Surd> I mean that part of the edge is created by what makes art so improbable.
<Jack2> most of what I see in 'art' ain't improbable, I think
<smylie> why should art be probable?
<Jack2> it's part of the 'nature of the game'
<smylie> what does "probable" mean?
<smylie> is that a word?
<Jack2> it's the opposite of winning the lottery
<PbN> :)
<smylie> ahh...
<smylie> the lottery of babylon
<Surd> Art is improbable in the culture(s)...
<Jack2> nonetheless, culture percolates
<Jack2> Babylon was a babe
<smylie> through art?
<Jack2> a babe in arts
<PbN> or in a swimsuit?
<Jack2> squeezing a chicken
<smylie> which end happens?
<Jack2> magnetic lip sticks
<smylie> stucks
<Jack2> hotbeds of combat
<smylie> ohhh i want to write the word "wombat" badly
<PbN> please do
*** runran has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
<Jack2> wombats are closed minded
<Dirk> lottery of babble-on -- tickets one shekel each
<Surd> When you do an eastvillage project, Jack, how do you formulate the project?
<Surd> I mean they are not random assortments of work.
<Jack2> either there is no formula and I just get some nice work, or I throw a dart at a map and do a region
<Surd> A region that you know well?
<PbN> I can appreciate your discipline, Jack
<smylie> do you have a url?
<PbN> do you have a gurl?
<Jack2> for some, but I hardly know canada, when you do something like this, you begin to know
<Surd> theeastvillage.com
<smylie> for yr all
<Jack2> gurls are babes
<Jack2> homepage fauxpress.com/kimball
<Surd> To help you with the selection process?
<Jack2> selections happen
<PbN> naturally
<Jack2> self-selections too
<Surd> ?
<Jack2> the magic continues
<Jack2> a figure of speech

June 18/2000
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