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WFS Professional is $199.95 (USD).

WFS Standard is $124.95 (USD).
The Standard version comes with
everything except the "Script
" and "Dynamism"
scripts. These allow you
to create/destroy
dynamic multi-sprites,
families thereof, and
dynamic elements.

All who purchase 4.x Standard may
upgrade to 4.x Professional for
$99.95 (USD).

How To Purchase

By clicking the above graphic, you will be
led through the selection process
(Standard or Professional) and
the credit card purchase process
and will be able to download Windows
For Shockwave 4.8 immediately after purchasing it.

Please email me at if you experience problems.

The Package contains:
1. Windows48x.cst. For instance, Windows48p3.cst
is build 3 of the Professional version of 4.8.
Windows48s3 is build 3 of
the Standard version.
2. All online documentation is zipped into the
download (freely download tutorials
1 and 2 from the WFS
site separately).
3. WFS48x.DIR is the DIR used to develop WFS; it is the
feature tour movie referenced throughout the documentation.
4. The 'samples' folder contains some other DIR files.
5. The Windows_for_Shockwave email list is for
discussion and technical support. Check it out.
You'll need a Yahoo I.D to browse the archive.
6. The license agreement allows you to freely
distribute projectors and Shockwave work
made with WFS, but not the source code
because if you distribute the source
code, you are giving WFS away
to other people. Please read
the license agreement
for details.

If you have purchased version 4.0, you may
email me for free upgrades through version 4.x.
Consult the WFS homepage for the most recent
public build number.


1. Unzip It will create a WFS48 folder.
2. In the .zip you will find Windows48x.cst. Copy it to your
'Program Files/Macromedia/Director/Libs'
folder. WFS will then be available in Director from
Windows > Library Palette > Windows.
3. Create a shortcut on your desktop to index.htm,
which is the home page of the documentation.
4. Keep a copy of for backup purposes.

See To Users of Previous Versions
for info on upgrading projects that
use a previous version of WFS.