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Tutorial 1

Tutorial 1: Creating a Static Window

Tutorial 1 is a .DCR with audio that covers step-by step construction of a static window and parent-child relationships between multi-sprites. Tutorial 1 shows you how to use all the behaviors associated with creating static windows. You can let it play through or navigate the tutorial in three ways. The .DCR file is 6.1 MB primarily because of the 35 minutes of audio in it. Going through this tutorial is highly recommended for both beginners and those familiar with WFS 3.0. A much easier introduction to Windows for Shockwave than reading documentation.

Download the zip file, unzip it, and open WFS4Tutorial1.htm in your browser. If you have purchased WFS, you may wish to store the two tutorial files in the 'tutorials' folder in your WFS documentation.

Download (6.5 Mb, 10/09//06)

More About Windows

Tutorial 1 shows you how to construct modal windows but does not construct one. See scene 2 of the feature tour for a modal window. Scene 7 also contains a modal window accessible via the menu. The only difference between a modal and non-modal window is in how you set the slider in the "3: Window Manager" behavior.

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