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Director Resources

Click to go to top of document. Primary Documentation

The primary documentation is documentation written by Macromedia. You start out with the manuals in print or PDF or Help format. But the primary documentation includes several additional sources.

The Director Help Files

The Director Help files contain the two primary documents: Using Director and The Lingo Dictionary. Access via Help>Director Help or Help>Lingo Dictionary. Note the "Lingo by Feature". This is useful in getting to know Lingo. Get to know how to use the Help files. They are your quickest reference.

Program Files\Macromedia\Director\Learning

This directory on your machine has good (though ugly) examples of how to do many things.

Macromedia Director Support Center

The home page that leads to all Macromedia's Director documentation. Director Documentation Page

There are PDF versions available here of the two main docs: Using Director and The Lingo Dictionary. There is also documentation on the Multi-User Server in PDF format. The What's New in Director 8.5 is huge and to do with 3D and Multi-User stuff. I see there is also a doc on using Real Media in Director, as well as other docs.

Director Quickstart for Flash Users

Useful docs that compare Director with Flash. Very useful for Flash users new to Director. For advanced inter-functionality between Director and Flash, check out Mark Jonkman's article.

Tutorials and Articles tutorials and articles.

Macromedia Director Technotes

Very useful on little details you don't find in the main primary documentation. These are included in the search function at this page and in the Macromedia Director site more generally, so you can search for stuff nicely.


Useful 'show-me' examples.

Sample Movies

Useful code samples from Macromedia.

Click to go to top of document. Newsgroups and Email Lists

Email lists are an indispensable part of learning Director well. There are several very good ones. And they are meant for different levels of Director expertise. If you ask a lot of questions that are not appropriate for the level of the list, be they tough or easy questions, you won't get very far. Read the lists before posting to get an idea of what is acceptable netiquette on them.

Macromedia Newsgroups

This lists some newsgroups maintained by Macromedia. These are for beginners. A good place to start is Director.basics and Director.Lingo. This also lists other newsgroups such as Director.Multiuser and Director.3D.

Independent Email Lists

Direct-L is a great list. Lots of pros and the levels range from near beginner to most advanced. The archives of Direct-L are very useful. Use them to search before posting. I read Direct-L on the Web, have it bookmarked. The volume is too high for me to subscribe. The Web interface is excellent. Good search results.

DirGames-L is a bit funkier than Direct-L, but most of the same folks, eventually. A bit more discussion of game programming here.

The blue link also links to Lingo-L, Shockwave-L (which is hardly active), MultiUser-L, and 3DDirector-L.

A good site of tutorials and web-board forums by Adam Montandon.


A list I started. Most Director list address technical questions (more or less) only. The idea of Director_Art is to also address poetics of Director (and other) Web art.

Click to go to top of document. Articles and Behaviors/Scripts


Director Online is a fine source of articles by seasoned Director developers, and the site is professionally edited by Darrell Plant. Good writing, nicely searchable, all round excellent site.

Great articles here, nicely searchable, and MANY VERY USEFUL BEHAVIORS. A professionally done site by Chuck Neal.

Director Developer Center

This is on the Macromedia site. Contains articles written by Director developers.

Director Web

This is most notable for being the home of Direct-L perhaps. Good tips and tricks section, and lots of resources. Great site by Alan Levine.


The most ambitious and intelligent site concerning Multi-User Director technology. Quite a fascinating site in what it has to offer both in behaviors and vision.

This is Mecca Medialight's site (Australia), run by Luke Wigley. The number one spot for high-performance downloadable Director interface elements and video and image processing scripts done with imaging Lingo. Flash is great at vector images but Director excels with bitmaps, and no one has made public better such scripts than Luke Wigley makes. Check out the Code section and his Anim FX and ImageFX3 scripts. Also check out his Testzone. Great menus here!

Jim Andrews

Code and essays on audio and games.

Dave Mennenoh

Check out both his book and his downloadable, very useful code.

Director Exchange

Macromedia's site for behaviors and Xtras.

Click to go to top of document. Books

Available at

I recommend Director Demystified by Jason Roberts and Phil Gross. If you are interested in games, Gary Rosenzweig is the guy with the books and the know how. He runs One of the more interesting high-level books is by Dave Mennenoh.

Click to go to top of document. Notable Shockwave Works of Art

Nio by Jim Andrews
Arteroids by Jim Andrews
Oeil Complex by Frédéric Durieu
Flying Puppet by Nicolas Clauss
Time Hunt by Danny Kodicek and friends
by Jean-Luc Lamarque, Fred Matuszek
Marrow Monkey/Chroma by Erik Loyer
Stanza by Steve Tanza

Click to go to top of document. Other Resources by Gretchen Macdowall
MultiUserPages by Sarah
John Henry Thompson (creator of Lingo); see the interviews


Director Resources